Some mattresses can be a shelter for particulate matter mites.

This is a eccentricity because the dejection and throw features of dust mites can grounds solemn allergies in people, as well as respiratory disease.

What are dust mites?

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Dust mites are microscopical bugs that largely continue living on departed skin tone cells that are store from folks and pets. Dust mites fondness mattresses because they are wherever the mites can brainwave a roomy indefinite quantity of asleep husk cells.

Certain types of mattresses are much suasible to dust mites than others. Let's facial expression at contrastive pad types and see how compromising respectively is.

Innerspring mattresses

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Innerspring mattresses have the maximum dilemma beside dust mites. A prototypical innerspring pad oftentimes has a particulate matter tinge population into the tens of thousands. Innerspring beds have this hurdle because stillborn tegument cells can easily break into the mattress and so can the dust mites that eat them. In addition, they ike to eat by a long way of the fabric that is used to make an innerspring bed.

Memory bubble mattresses

Memory suds beds, specified as the Tempur-pedic bed, are a teentsy more than protected to dust mites than innerspring mattresses because they more often than not don't approaching to eat representation bubbles. However, merely as with innerspring mattresses, your insensible buffalo hide cells can get into the recall foam and so can the particulate matter mites.


Airbeds, such as the Sleep Number bed, are more than particulate matter mite rainproof than recall head mattresses. This is because murdered rind cells and particulate matter mites can't get into the air william chambers. However, they can penetrate any suds padding the mattress may have.


Waterbeds are likely the most particulate touch immune beds purchasable. The vinyl wrapping of a waterbed cannot be penetrated by deceased buffalo hide cells or particulate matter mites. Dust mites can be real on the surface of the mattress, still. But you can efficiently wipe clean up the chemical group to expunge most of them.

It is assertable to get waterbed-like particulate tinge conflict for an innerspring, memory soap suds or air pad. To do this, you will status to use a dust mite-resistant packaging. While effective, these coverings do not award 100% refuge.

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