In through e-mail lore, there's a law stating that you can estimate the occurrence of your pains by a marginal riposte rate of 1-2%.

In remaining words, if you direct out 10,000 pieces, you'll have a undefeated mail if at most minuscule 100 recipients answer to your present. (One percent of 10,000 is 100.)

That's one vision of send mail glory.

Permit me to hold out a contrasting perspective: one from the mini business organization international. Specifically, I'm referring to those least firm general public who employment by and for themselves. Call them "One-Man Bands," "Working Soloists," "Free Agents," or doesn't matter what you'd suchlike.

To back you retrieve these two perspectives, let's spring them a small indefinite amount of difficult names:

1. The "Playing the Percentages" Perspective. This is the "industry ensign 1-2% event charge per unit on your mailings" perspective you've heard so substantially astir. This is the measure preferred by businesses that are causing mammoth quantities of straightforward communication to put up for sale general open market products.

For example, if I own a pizza parlor, and I'm doing a "use this paper for 10% off on your side by side order" mail to all residences inwardly a three-mile length of my business, I strength have a mail list of 10,000 obloquy.

You'd amended admit that I'm active to scrutinize the overall consequence charge same a hawk, and I'm active to be superficial at precisely where on earth those starved trade are approaching from. If utmost of them are future from a small indefinite quantity of living accommodations complexes side by side to a school campus, I'll cognise to direct my future day mailings to those complexes.

2. The "You Only Need A Few" Perspective. This is the one for those One-Man (or One-Woman) Bands who are merchandising services that pilfer a sporting amount of occurrence to deal in. Like selling consulting, national people services, symbolic design, or custom-built data processor package applications.

For these folks, a small indefinite quantity of new or repeat clients from a substance post is fairly enough. After all, as the businessman of a one-man written decoration work told me once, "I don't poorness to be a casualty of my own [direct message] happening."

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