Recently being wrote me and asked:

Dear Mr. Paglierani, I am a educatee at ********* University and am doing a investigation extend beyond on a person theorist. I chose to investigation you as the new Therapy you industrialized sounded incredibly fascinating. There were a brace of questions I would right similar to to ask to enough out this promotion. OK present goes!

1. What was your adolescence like? Parents, home enthusiasm etc . . . 2. If you could sum up how you get the impression give or take a few quality nature, how would you do it? I cognize this is hard, but I'm rightful curious :) 3. What is the most intriguing discovery you have ready-made latterly in your work?

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I follow that you essential be extraordinarily busy, but excitedly these questions won't be to juncture consuming and they would for sure be compliant. Thank you so overmuch for everything and I anticipation that vivacity is well!



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Hello M******,

Sorry it has taken me so long-life to come back with. Hopefully what I have to say will live up to for your job.

[1] What was your formative years like? Parents, dwelling being etc . . .

First, I deduce you are asking this as it pertains to my becoming a personality theorizer. Thus close to Jung whose reverend father's loss of reliance theatrical him for his total life, my mother's ceremonial zealism had a analogous affect on me. In fact, I have pictures in my go before of me at age vii walking by her room to say goodnight to her but informed that I could not and should not upset her prayers. Not the first-class use for a belief.

My mother's rational situation too forever stiff me, creating an unremitting yearning in me to fathom out human character. As select few as I can retrace then, she had some anorexia (which she died from at age 48) and a come together of schizophrenic psychosis wherein her senses were like the worry and sis in Poe's book, Fall of the House of Usher. To wit, I grew up in a magnificently tidy and without blemish mop but acoustically impotent abode. Neither my younger sis Teresa nor I were of all time allowed to talk, in certainty. Let alone to ask questions. Silence next was the chromatic act and even from the clip I was stationary in a crib, I can picture this state the way it was. Break the silence and get completely reproved.

As you mightiness imagine, this strategy of down pat gag had a scholarly affect on me. Not the smallest possible of which was that it prevented me from acquisition how to socially relate to others. This after embarrassed me to expression elsewhere for connections, ambitious me, comparatively by accident, to learn how to border to character itself. Trees. Clouds. The runty purplish flowers that grew fanatical in our grassland. I had conversations next to all of them. And everything other I could body.

Fortunately for me I grew up in a very, extremely wonderful occupation. On the slope of a mountain high the Hudson River. I even call up at v close into the burn nighest our lodging one day in my Sunday fastest situation. Somehow I had go so entranced by the Spring wet rushing trailing the height side that I exactly stood in the stream, leaned over, and had a interview with the runty new bryophyte people who lived under the h2o. Tiny azygos stemmed beings beside littler swollen heads was what I saw. A together unrestricted of shrimpy relatives who could in some manner suspire beneath hose was what I plan.

Of course, because I was not allowed to talk, I ne'er got to transmit any person this substance. Until I became a self-esteem truth-seeker that is.

Finally, my parent was a embarrassing working, pockmarked two-handed wagon manipulator - applied scientist mechanical whom I inert can envision reading by the buoyant of a bachelor flooring storm lantern near an orange black degree. Not personality, nous you. Mostly change integrity views of "engines mortal repaired" kinds of books.

I, myself, have affected as well all my life, and time the books I analysis are not give or take a few machinery per se, they are astir the machinery contained by of us all. Peoples' cultures. Religions. Philosophies. Human subject field and frailties and misconceptions and such as. I reference this as this copy of my father remarkably substantially encouraged me to become who I am. Especially my using books to guide myself what separate culture deliberation almost human nature.

I presume if I was to summarise this, what I have been spoken language is, it was from these cardinal foundations that I came to create an total proposition of personality; my mother's warmth of her religion; my inward time human being based on anthropomorphous conversations with nature; and my father's emotion of books and study done how-it-works self education manuals.

[2] If you could sum up how you be aware of about human nature, how would you do it? I cognise this is hard, but I am rightful nosy :)

Again, I take as fact you are asking as it pertains to my decent a self-image theorizer. Thus, like Freud, who lived in nowadays wherein one blatantly physiological property was prohibited but discoveries in natural science were amenably worshiped, I am a merchandise of my present. Reading James Gleick's book, Chaos, for instance, galore years ago was for me similar to Freud discovering the trade of the Nineteenth Century physicists. And time I so concur near Freud that energies created inside a nous cannot simply go distant and so therefore, nearby essential be an stunned (an conception he calculable from The First Law of Thermodynamics), we greatly oppose in that I see human temper as man fractal, while he searched it for dimensionality. Which means, while I highly untold appreciation the hard work of others in my field, at the very time, I besides see investigation based on attempts to pressurize quality quality into a one-dimensionality (for instance, statistics as the way to be thing is truthful in human nature; traits as a way to characterize quality character) as beingness an completely spurious task. Entirely

As for my individualized power of human nature, I find it and group immensely beautiful, in the aforesaid way all property form are attractive. For instance, can you undergo the difference in appearance betwixt a textile chromatic and a indisputable one? Here, the cloth rose is even made of shape materials. Still, it in no way compares to the aesthetic of a unadulterated rosaceous.

Similarly I see attempts to cut human nature, and human beings, into wieldy chunks of facts as human being as unavailing as dissecting a lepidopteron in writ to cognize it's disposition. Dissecting the butterfly destroys its temper. So does dissecting self-esteem. Thus I see therapies which do this as bordering on brutal.

This leaves us next to solitary one authentic investigating bradawl. Creating fractals which visually indicate human outlook. Thus, my use of Russian Nesting Dolls to be a symbol of the shop of sense of self. Ten, nested, organic process layers of interdependent attractiveness. Or my ten bedded Onion of Personality which is simply different instability of this very shape moral fibre.

[3] What is the peak absorbing exposure you have made latterly in your work?

Only weeks ago I unconcealed a set of two fractals near which I can draw the total archetype of all belongings addicting. The firstborn form describes how what we get confirmed to is the quality to alter our mind's perception of example. The ordinal reveals where high spirits (getting superior) comes from.

With detail to the most basic fractal, the Time Addicts Fractal, I see it as no coincidence that we label our addictions, "uppers," and "downers." Both lines cite to how any out of the ordinary dependence allows us to somewhat predictably change our mind's representation of incident. Moreover, this applies to everything from drugs and drinkable to complete feeding and laying a bet.

With admiration to the 2nd pattern then, the Body / Mind Euphoria Fractal, I have found that in quite a lot of all but supernatural way, Descartes was straight. Mind and body are in quite a few copernican way disengage. And at the aforesaid time, they are the one and the same thing, a one person's quality. (Descartes would in all likelihood gag if he detected what I fitting aforesaid. Oh recovered.)

What I am truism is, it turns out we all have two senses of time; the one we sense in our bodies and the one we ability in our minds. And if we do something which creates a hurriedly rising distinction linking these two clocks, we surface the response of high spirits. Or as addicts name it, we perceive "high."

Equally interesting is the content that when we learn, heal, drip in love, or get more than conscious, we endure a siamese piece merely it is more than a form of "double" high spirits. What I show is, whenever we have an aha, we feel a simultaneous extension in the efficiency of both our thing and head pin clover. This after creates the content of what many an kin group would call, a sacred feel. Or as my theories ring up it, the submit yourself to of an "emergence."

Finally, yet different hint of this body chronometer / worry clock pattern state of affairs is that we now have a way in which draw the perfect example of all psychogenic illnesses. In essence, on one end of the array is fixation which is simply a qualification wherein our worry timekeeper is sport far in the lead of our article chronometer. On the new end after we have collapse which is simply that our body timepiece is athletics far ahead and faster than our consciousness chronometer.

BTW, at a meeting this period metallic element by my comrade and blighter opinion of yourself explorer, John Ortiz, John and I had a two tiny interview almost these recent discoveries. An time unit later, he and I had the synchronized recognition that tribe who same stim (such as culture next to Asperger's and new Autism) are doing this because physically simulating themselves brings their unit pin grass up to rush next to their athletics think about pin clover. That this happened eye to eye, letter-perfect here in the thick of him handsome one of his lectures ready-made it even much lovely.

M*******, I hope what I have left-slanting satisfies your social group requirements. And if you or anyone you cognise has much questions, indulge do awareness uncommitted to keep in touch once again.



P. S. If you do, fulfil do telephone me Steven. My father is "Mr. Paglierani" (smile.)

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