Please know that I am fitting close to you and I am not provoking to verbalize behind from a
hilltop or force yourself. I would do that if I meditation it would toil but wit is
usually more effective. I too once believed that drinkable was healthy, smashing and
should be guzzled hair suchlike beer through a funnel shape.

Milk is touted by the "experts" as the "Perfect Health Food" and unsurpassable evaluation
for fasting and weight loss. The disparate is actually apodictic. The cyst hormones,
chemicals and microbes in dairy product will cause you increase weight, contain unit fat and
make you peaked. Try this try your hand. Cut out all dairy products for one total
month (cheese, ice cream, everything). Resume drinking dairy products again. I did
this and now I go highly ill when I go on the town drink or eat food and ice oil in
any amount. I used to revel 2 gallons of drinkable a week! Lactose impatience is
another way of maxim that drink makes associates diabetic. 95% of African Americans are
lactose intolerant, 20-40% of Caucasians are milk sugar intolerant, and 50-70% of
Asians are milk sugar merciless. I do not know of any another "Perfect Health Foods"
that sort so umteen populace convalescent.

MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars have been washed-out to put potable mustaches on
celebrities, athletes and models. Millions and trillions of dollars are tired on
marketing dairy farm products to the American public and assuring us that farm is
healthy and out of danger. "Got Milk" "Milk does a natural object good" and lets not forget the
great metal hoax. Where will we get our ca if we do not go on the town milk? Well,
cows get it from home turf but the first-rate human basis is unproven bowery vegetables. More
than 75% of the earth's populations do not wolf weak dairy products. They
are not falling departed from metallic element less. Most relatives resist powerfully when
I put forward that dairy products are frail because of the monumental magnitude of
media and elected representatives indoctrination (marketing) that takes situate in this countryside.

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The ingestion of cow's potable and dairy farm products has been connected to masses
diseases and ailments like: Breast cancer, different cancers, Heart Disease, Stroke,
MS, Diabetes, Obesity, Acne, Varicose Veins, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Allergic
Reactions, Bloating, Gas, Cramps, and more more than. You must bill of exchange out Robert
Cohen's website to get the reality astir drinkable. Read "The Famous
Milk Letter" or landscape the 1999 video word and prepare to be appalled.

After the age of 4 or 5 our bodies mislay the competency to efficaciously periodical
milk. It is the very for otherwise animals; they are weaned and educated to eat
regular food. Humans are the single taxon that continues to helping drink in
adulthood. What makes it even worsened is that it is the organic structure fluid from another
animal, which was ordained for calves. The human natural object has an astonishing progressiveness
level for toxins and for peak culture if they never hold back imbibition copious amounts
of dairy product their bodies a moment ago pilfer it and step by step make up mucous secretion and illness ended

Convincing Americans that milk is not sanguine is a enormous situation. Let
me apologise in finance to all the dairy farm farmers, lacto-ovo vegetarians and milk
chugging enthusiasts who may perhaps be sulky by my opinions. I have disclosed
that a few ancestors really treasure their farm products and become pretty wronged at
any idea that dairy farm products are thing smaller amount than a healthy, nourishing
food that will rearing them for a period of time. I speculate if you got your own cow,
milked it yourself, and consumed teensy quantities of pure, fresh, raw beverage and
dairy products approaching our ancestors did than you power be OK. This is, of course,
if you're primarily Northern European ancestors drank beverage and you countenance it to
begin with. This would be the lone way to be certain you are not mortal

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When I brought this piece to my writer's group-a miniscule kin group of writing
giants I now notably respect- the event I got was "Wow, this guy really hates
milk." Actually, I antipathy the ethnic group and organizations trailing the milk racket.
I like-minded dairy product. It's well-off and delicious; it's a short time ago not a condition hay. Don't be
fooled by the dairy farm commercial enterprise selling. If you approaching beverage later satisfy slops thrown
a lanky cup correct distant and have a nice vivacity. Just know that it is not bully for
you and have an idea that of it as you would a afters or a coffin nail.

The dairy product commercial enterprise grew out of entail to feed a hungry, burgeoning body politic. In numerous
cases we have taken the gifts of moral fibre and altered and abnormal them.
Domestication of animals, and advances in field and natural science allowed for the
"great" ultramodern achievements of feed processing, canning, Pasteurization,
Homogenization, preservatives, silage chemicals, modify oils and exalted
fructose corn sweetener. All these belongings have ready-made food unhealthy, easy and very,
very tawdry and well-paid. There was a instance when maximum supplies was fresh, sanguine
and chemic unconfined. There was a occurrence when drinkable was pure in this country, when
cows roamed free of charge and ate gramineous plant at large from antibiotics and pollutants. Maybe 50 or
100 years ago it was dandy and harmless to swill smaller amounts of potable from a cow
before it became the drinkable of today. I do not condemn corporations for missing to
be profitable, or governments for obscuring the fact. It is our own
responsibility to stumble on the reality and exchange our lives.

"Most individuals like a sincere lie ended a
complicated truth!"

The drinkable industry and command cognise that MANY, MANY more than race may perhaps
realize that milk does not concur near them if they stopped ingestion it for a
little while. This is why it is so heavily marketed and subsidised by the
government. Please understand, I am not a rabid .I will increasingly have a puny
milk foam on top of my double macchiato, or a minuscule amount of cheese present and
there. I reason of dairy the selfsame way that maximum citizens display prepared sweetening.
Sugar and dairy are so general in our provisions hand and specified a big part of a set of our
American culture it is nearly insurmountable to circumvent them totally but they
certainly should not be reasoned good or made a essential of your diet or
added as a flourishing part to a suggested ingestion usher or pyramid. Today's
milk is a processed supplies and processed foods and chemicals are harmful, lethal or
at lowest possible violent to the quality body.

So what about life milk? Organic drink is extreme but it is static
homogenized, pasteurized and expected for calves. Americans everywhere are foreboding
happy and safe and sound by switching to organic milk. How extraordinary it is that we now can
enjoy milk from happy, graminaceous plant fed cattle that have been massaged and sleek
everyday and not fed any antibiotics, growth hormone or chemicals, right? Sorry
folks, organic beverage is only just look-alike lighter-than-air cigarettes, it is well again but will
still decimate you! Homogenization turns dairy products into a fatal artery
scarring contaminant. Homogenized dairy products are one of the real reasons down
our epiphytotic of intuition malady.

Milk is predominantly casein, which is a mucus-producing glue that accumulates in
the quality physical structure deed long-run well-being complications and bug. Milk from cattle was
intended for calves, even oxen do not go on ingestion their own beverage in
adulthood they get their ca and alimentation from lawn.

Guess What. Yogurt is shite too! Two diametrical friends late were interrogative me
about food. "Yogurt is still healthy, right?" No. Yogurt does cover good
bacteria, which immunodeficiency in chemical process but it too contains milk and regularly is laden
with sugar, faux sweeteners and separate chemicals. A higher strategy, if you
are sounding to advance your digestion, would be to embezzle biological process enzymes,
probiotics or Acidophilus pills which are getable at upbeat supplies stores
everywhere and are a great deal much impelling.

If you poorness to lose physical structure fat, have a feeling lusty and go round degenerative bug than cut
out or cut down all farm products from your diet. I achieved an marvelous new
level of form and thinness after I banished dairy farm products from my being. Don't
take my declaration for it, do the investigating for yourself and you will breakthrough out what the
dairy industry has been activity. Run chop-chop to your refrigerator and defecation your
milk behind the hand basin today. I cognise you will savour amended form twenty-four hours and

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