From the tumbleweed towns of Texas to urban Houston and Galveston, from the Rust Belt to the Bible Belt, Americans have interpreted to the streets to parade.

Waving outsized Chinese-made American flags, tiring T-shirts next to pictures of Donald Rumsfeld, and holding banners proclaiming, "Destroy Iraq, Save Civilization," they economic process that America accept the "augmentation" of personnel in Iraq.

"How can you call for repeated war?" I asked one of their leaders.

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"Because if we give notice Iraq," said Thelma Lou Pitbottom of Whelping Falls, Mo., "we'll have stood downbound and the terrorists will win because we can't stomach the Iraqis, so they'll either shelf up or downhill. Or possibly sit. Or maybe they'd be deceitful downbound on the streets." Mercifully, I cut her off.

"Most Americans now say they were song to by the Administration, that the war was wrong, that it has been ill prearranged and terribly dead."

"That's simply the ones who have never been in Iraq. Or went to Iraq. Or knew causal agency who went to Iraq. The balance of us cognize advanced."

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"More than 3,000 Americans and as many as 100,000 Iraqis, record of them clean-handed civilians, have died in this war. At smallest 20,000 American soldiers have been wounded, several game for go."

"So what's your point?" she asked. "Besides, we just can't cut and run approaching the defeatists poorness. There's lifeless a war to win, and investment to be understood by Halliburton, Bechtel, and Exxon."

"The war profiteers have indeed gotten more affluent because of this war," I said, hoping she'd see my tine.

"And that's how we hold on to the cutback as accurate as it's been. More income ability more than jobs and the within your rights of every loved ones to be able to beauty salon at Wal-Mart."

"It also means more deaths."

"There you go next to that modification point again," she aforesaid. "At smallest 5,000 soldiers haven't yet had any possibleness to win a medal?"

"Even if the medals are Purple Hearts?"

"Wounded. Dead. Helps their job. They get promoted. Makes for better-quality unfortunate person benefits."

"You're cognisant that sole give or take a few 28 proportionality of all Americans even consider in this war?"

"That makes us a minority, and we have rights!"

"A twelvemonth ago, you were in the majority, and you said the social group were un-american traitors. Said they should be colorful for lese majesty."

"And we were accurate then, too." She paused a moment, reflecting upon what had happened in the ancient year. "Besides, we'd static be in the majority if all those chickenhearted politicians who supported us didn't rotate outgrowth and try to get re-elected. At least Thomas Jefferson is on our squad."

"I feeling Jefferson would have same that political war is the champion range of doings in any warfare."

"Maybe it was Washington. Or Cornwallis. I get all them Founding Fathers amalgamated up. But, human aforementioned that no one has the precise to strike for the elected representatives. That's honorable unAmerican!"

"None of our Founding Fathers aforementioned that silencing antagonism was pleasing. That's why they gave us the First Amendment."

"Don't you of all time timekeeper FOX News?" she demanded. "Our lustrous leader, Bill O'Reilly, has avowed that in decree for Americans to be not detrimental from camels passing taxis in New York, we must outshout all clashing views and fall the Constitution. Except for the Second Amendment, of module. No one messes with the fitting to fastener and load!"

"How durable do you mean to kill time on the streets?" I asked.

"Until the concluding fighter is killed failing for this province. That's when we'll cognise the war is ended."

"Don't you grain any shame?" I asked.

"All we are asking," she said, "is afford war a casual."

When past I saw the protestors, they were retaining guardianship and musical "Okie from Muskogee."
[Walter Brasch's new books are America's Unpatriotic Acts: The Federal Government's Violation of Constitutional and Civil Rights; 'Unacceptable': The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina; and Sex and the Single Beer Can: Probing the Media and American Culture.]

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